No one does it like us!

The spark that ignites our soul

Getting to know amazing people such as our users along the way, as a reward for getting the impossible done, is how we satisfy our soul.

Our integrity is very important to us so that we can do what we set out to do in the first place. Our values and goals have remained constant since then.


Our mission is to introduce people to a whole new dimension and variety of possibilities in the Fantasy Cricket realm. We make it our duty to deliver enthralling and exhilarating cricket experiences with the help of our team.


We have a vision not only to spread Fantasy Cricket in India, but to cricket enthusiasts across the world as well. We want to lead the market in providing gamers with new challenges and a safe platform to play.


Our main goal for incorporating these aspects is to ensure our players achieve their goal and keep going at it. All these years, we have operated with honesty, integrity, and transparency, and we plan to continue doing so.


Making winning easier!

Find Your Fit

Choose the match that you are interested in playing and show off what you have learned.

Build your team

Choose the best players both teams have to offer and create your dream team to win big.

Enter contest

Create your league or join an ongoing league and lock horns with the best FC has to offer.

Reap them!

Follow the official match and look out for the scoreboard to know your score and reap them.


Our Crowning Glory

What sets us apart in this competitive market is also what makes us thrive and gets the attention of wonderful users like you. We are over the moon to have you and we think it is a result of our work.

Reality Vs Fantasy

Those who love cricket will go bonkers for this as they can use their extensive cricket knowledge to win big and win real cash. Bring Fantasy to reality and become what you always wanted to be, your own boss.

Safe and Legal

There's nothing illegal or risky about playing with Hattrick11, which is why everyone loves to play with thrills and excitement. Play safe and secure with us and win countless leagues and tournaments and hit it big.

Quick Cash Outs

You will enjoy spending time with us because of our incredible winning pool. Cash outs have been simplified to make it easier for you. We prefer keeping things hassle free and safe. Our coders have made it possible just for you.

Splendid Attraction

There are no limits to the number of leagues a player can take part in this extravagantly splendid game. Simply put, unlimited fun! We are capable of facilitating any number of contests players desire, that sets us apart.

Friendly Interface

With our splendid app's user-friendly interface, you can quickly understand how everything works and know the hacks! Despite the fact that we use state of the art tech, we cannot stop ourselves from making it user-friendly

We are Bug-free

With our application, we promise what we can deliver, and offering a bug-free application is the least we can do for our fellow cricket fans. Through regular updates, we ensure that the bugs are kept to an absolute minimum.

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